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Summary of Proposal LAN2286

TitleDetecting and characterizing destabilized rockglaciers in the Central Andes of Chile and Argentina with TSX D-InSAR data
Investigator Bodin, Xavier - CNRS, Laboratoire EDYTEM
Team Member
MsC Echelard, Thomas - Université Joseph Fourier, Laboratoire PACTE/Territoires
Dr Bodin, Xavier - CNRS, Laboratoire EDYTEM
Dr Trombotto, Dario - CONICET, IANIGLA
Dr Gay, Michel - INP Grenoble, GIPSA-lab
Professor Trouvé, Emmanuel - Polytech, LISTIC
SummaryThis project will bring a first contribution to the knowledge of rock glaciers activity in the Central Andes of Chile and Argentina, and will quantify the surface movement that affect those landforms. Stored in a GIS database, the interferograms generated from TSX (funding by Région Rhône-Alpes, Dispositif COOPERA du programme CMIRA, grants n°: 13.005522.01 and 13.005522.02) will be separately evaluated by two experts in periglacial geomorphology. This procedure will allow to analyse, at different scales, the dynamics of rock glaciers, and especially the fastest ones, that could potentially be destabilized. The data produced will be compared to Pléiades high resolution optical satellite imagery and to ground-based data, obtained from geomorphological observation, geophysical measurements and GPS, terrestrial photogrammetry and thermal monitoring. This will help to understand the deformation mechanisms of rock glaciers. The SAR results will be merged with existing rock glaciers inventories (made by DGA, General Water Directorate, for Chile, and by IANIGLA, for Argentina) in order to improve the assessment of the landforms activity.

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