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Summary of Proposal LAN2229

TitleStudy of urban subsidence phenomena based on spaceborne Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and hydrogeological-geotechnical modeling
Investigator Teleaga, Delia Cosmina - Advanced Studies and Research Center, Remote Sensing
Team Member
M.Sc. Poncos, Valentin - Advanced Studies and Research Center, Radar Remote Sensing
Dr. Gogu, Constantin Radu - Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Groundwater Engineering Research Centre
Dr. Serbulea, Manole Stelian - Technical University of Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
SummaryThis proposal aims at the acquisition of TerraSAR-X Stripmap data to be employed in the implementation of the research project SIRYS (Integrated service for urban subsidence phenomena based on space-born Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and hydrogeological-geotechnical hybrid modeling), founded by ESA through the ‘1st Call for Outline Proposals under the Romanian Industry Incentive Scheme’ programme, between July 2013 – June 2015. The SIRYS project focuses on land subsidence assessment in Bucharest City and hydrogeological induced settlement better understanding, via combined:Interferometric-Hydrogeological-Geotechnical investigation techniques. Thus an interdisciplinary (hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering) methodology incorporating urban monitoring using SAR data for the study of land subsidence will be developed. The InSAR-derived ground stability maps will be used as input for the hybrid hydrogeological-geotechnical modeling. A number of 20 scenes will be requested for this site, acquired using right looking descending passes, with an incidence angle > 35 (incidence angles preferred in the interval 36-39). For the Bucharest test site, the coordinates of the test area are 44.44 N and 26.10 E, with the upper left corner of the image at 44.75N, 25.94 E, and the lower right corner at 44.17N, 26.20 E. Monostatic interferometric data is needed with similar polarization in the entire data set. The funding of the proposal will be entirely supported by Groundwater Engineering Reseach Center – Technical University of CivilEngineering in the frame of the research project SIRYS. The TerraSAR-X data will be processed using Persistent Scatterrer Interferometry (PSI) technique in forms of ground deformation maps and temporal profiles of displacement for the PS targets. Data will be used exclusively for scientific purposes within the project consortium formed of teams from the Technical University of Constructions Bucharest (UTCB) and the Advanced Studies and Research Center (ASRC). The outcome of the project proposal will lead to the increased use of SAR data in hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering applications relevant to measurements of ground subsidence/motion in urban areas.

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