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Summary of Proposal HYD2220

TitleMonitoring seasonal dynamics of macrophyte growth and water availability in surface reservoirs using TerraSAR-X time series data in semi-arid NE Brazil
Investigator Foerster, Saskia - GFZ Potsdam, Department of Geodesy and Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing section
Team Member
Mrs Brosinsky, Arlena - GFZ Potsdam, Remote Sensing
Mrs Zhang, Shuping - GFZ Potsdam, Remote Sensing
Dr. Motagh, Mahdi - GFZ Potsdam, Remote Sensing
SummaryThe object of the study is to monitor the spatial andtemporal dynamics of water availability in the selected catchments in semi-aridNE Brazil by TSX time series data. This information is expected to greatlyimprove the assessment and effective management of available water in studiedhydrological system. The deriveddynamic behavior in terms of macrophyte growth and watersurface (both at river sectionand in reservoirs) will be used to assess seasonal discharge of water at selectedriver sections and actual water volumes in the reservoirs. Ground measurements of water extents at selected riversections and reservoirsas well as the collectionof ground truth data on aquatic vegetation will be carried out with the supportof colleagues in Brazil. Furthermore, water level records from few gauges are already available for validation purposes. The outcomes will facilitate modelling of wateravailability and hereby support understanding of the hydrological system andregional water management.

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