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Summary of Proposal OCE2164

TitleSea State and Boundary Layer Physics of the Emerging Arctic Ocean-NRT campaign coverage
Investigator Lehner, Susanne - DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, MF SAR BF
Team Member
Prof. Wadhams, Peter - Cambridge University, Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Holt, Benjamin - CalTech, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Prof. Graber, Hans - University of Miami, Applied Marine Physics
Dr. Thomson, Jim - University of Washington, Applied Physics Lab
Professor Shen, Hayley - Clarkson University, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Gemmrich, Johannes - University of Victoria , Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
SummaryRetrieval algorithms for the wind and wave fields for TerraSAR-X have been developed for coastal seas and will be adapted for use in the marginal ice zone. Similarly, a first generation of algorithms for the estimation of ice drift will be further optimized. After adaption, existing algorithms for wave parameters in marginal ice zones are planned to be improved. These algorithms will be applied to TerraSAR-X data to monitor the seasonal evolution of the wave conditions in seas with marginal sea ice coverage. Processes such as wind wave generation during off-ice wind conditions, or wave damping and ice shield breakup during on-ice wind conditions will be observed. This information will provide input for modelling wave-induced mixing processes, and the assessment of wave growth models in the marginal ice zone. The location of the ice-edge and wave-induced breakup of the ice sheets will be monitored and assessed. This proposal particularly targets the acquisition of data during field campaigns. This simultaneous coverage will yield validation data for existing, DLR based data processing. Likewise, providing the processing results in near real-time to members of the campaign crew will be of great benefit to the outcome of the cruises. In addition to technical applications, the synthesis of TerraSAR-X images and in-situ observations will be the basis for new investigation into wave evolution in the marginal ice zone. Parts of this research will be pursued independently of Johannes Gemmrich’s (more operational aspects) and parts in close co-operation (more scientific aspects). The independent operational component of sea ice observation is not the main focus of the joint work with Johannes Gemmrich, but constitutes an independent research pursuit of the PI. This targeted possibility of pursuing independent interests in this major project besides collaborative work therefore necessitates independent access to SAR imagery. A close feedback loop with J. Gemmrich in scheduling image acquisition has been instituted and will avoid any direct conflict in conducting observations. Benjamin Holt will be particularly interested in the results concerning wave propagation in the marginal ice zone; he requests daily WideScan SAR coverage in particular during Sikuliaq cruise (planned 38 days), scheduled and location-set through a 3-day feedback cycle with campaign crew. Hans Graber will be interested in the comparison of wave parameters extracted from SAR to compare to marine radar based data. Peter Wadhams aspires to compare SAR based wave spectra to buoy data and in-situ data during campaigns.Jim Thomson needs SAR coverage during DRI summer cruise 2014 and spring ice camp in 2014.

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