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Summary of Proposal HYD2123

TitleAlpine Avalanche Forecast
Investigator Wiesmann, Andreas - GAMMA Remote Sensing AG, N/A
Team Member
Dr. Buehler, Yves - WSL, SLF
Mrs. Frauenfelder, Regula - Norges Geotekniske Institutt, NGI
SummaryThe scope of the ESA IAP Project Alpine Avalanche Forecast feasibility study is to identify important information gaps faced by avalanche forecastservices and users of avalanche forecast services and to identifypotential solutions to overcome these gaps. Even though a lot ofmeasurement technology is available today, some critical parameters arestill not covered with sufficient spatial and temporal resolution inparticular in remote alpine areas. Involving the users from thebeginning is very critical for this project. We will inviterepresentative key users in the first task of the project to participate in a workshop to discuss specific user requirements and potentialimprovements. Parallel to this task, we will analyse the state of the art for measurement and monitoring of snow and avalanche parameters and list available earth observation, positioning and communicationtechnology. Based on the results of these two tasks we will identify and validate the most promising integrated solutions and specify potentialservices. We will focus in particular on radar remote sensing due to its weather independence and to communication of the results bysmart-phones as we have sound experience within the consortium usingthis seminal technology. The proof of concept (POC) will reveal thefeasibility and benefit of such services. This will lead to the list ofrecommendations and the road map for future activities in this field.Our feasibility study will clarify, if available satellite technologywith improved spatial and temporal resolution can substantially improveavalanche forecasting, and if so identify the best way to do that.

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