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Summary of Proposal LAN2100

TitleSynergies of TerraSAR-X and EnMAP data for monitoring of forest characteristics
Investigator Wendleder, Anna - German Aerospace Center , German Remote Sensing Data Center
Team Member
Dr. Heiden, Uta - DLR, DFD-LAX
Dr. Wegmann, Martin - Uni Würzburg, Institut für Gepgraphie und Geologie
Dr. Müller, Jörg - Bavarian Forest National Park, Research
Dr. Schneider, Thomas - TU München, Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan
Prof. Dr. Skidmore, Andrew - University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Schmitt, Andreas - Hochschule München, Fakultät für Geoinformation
SummaryThe SAR data acquired under this proposal is decomposed into Kennaugh elements before beeing geocoded and calibrated using available global as well as local high resolution LIDAR DEMs. Terrain effects thus are reduced. Remaining influences are potentially removed by combining the Kennaugh elements to orientation invariant parameters. The multi-temporal combination and final normalization concludes the SAR pre-processing step. The geocoded SAR data subsequently is overlayed with hyperspectral data acquired during field campaigns, airborne (HYSPEX), or spaceborne (EnMAP). The combination of SAR, hyperspectral data and in-situ measurements provides an ideal basis for empirical studies on plant traits, differentiation of forest structure parameters, and the detection of calamities seen by SAR and hyperspectral sensors.

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