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Summary of Proposal LAN2085

TitleAsia rice crop monitoring for GEO GLAM observation phase 1
Investigator sobue, shinihci - RESTEC, planning department
Team Member
Dr. Oyoshi, Kei - JAXA, EORC
Dr. Nguyen , Lam Dao - VAST , GIRS
Ms. Ogawa, Yoshiko - University of Aizu,
Dr. Thuy, Le Toan - CESBIO, CESBIO
Mr. Hisada, Yasuhiro - University of Aizu,
Prof. Raimadoya, Mahmud - Bogor Agricultural University, Agricultural department
Dr. Shofiyati, Rizatus - Ministory of Agriculture, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources
Ms. Sofan, Parwati - LAPAN,
Dr. Sato, Jun - Tsuruoka National College of Technology, Center for Northeast Asian Studies
SummaryThe Asia-RiCE initiative has been organised to develop the Asia-RiceCrop Estimation and Monitoring (Asia-RiCE) component for the GEO GlobalAgricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM) initiative. GEOGLAM aims to enhanceagricultural production estimates through the use of Earth observations, and Asia-RiCE seeks to ensure that the rice crop monitoring usingmultiple SAR (X/C/L) to estimate rice crop area and yield estimation inselected countries in Asia. At phase 1A during September 2013 - August 2013, we already start to study 100km squareselected area (technical demonstration sites) in Indonesia (Subang, West Java Island); Thailand (Suphan Buri province); Vietnam (Thai Binh(North)) and Vietnam (An Giang (South)) using radarsat-2 and other SAR data including terrasar-X under tandem X science proposal 3669. The SAR data will be needed to those TDs every month. In addition with phase 1A, we will plan to expand this TDs study with other countries including China, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), India, Japan, LaoPDR, Malaysia and Philippine as phase 1B starting from March 2014 to October 2015.

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