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Summary of Proposal LAN2080

TitleSpaceborne and ground observation of Icelandic Glaciers
Investigator Gourmelen, Noel - University of Edinburgh, School of GeoSciences
Team Member
Mr Voytenko, Denis - University of South Florida, Geology
Prof Dixon, Timothy - University of South Florida, Geology
SummaryTerrestrialRadar Interferometry (TRI) is a new ground-based remote sensing method that hasseveral advantages for measuring ice surface velocities. TRI alleviatesproblems associated with the long revisit times of satellites, and providesdenser spatial sampling compared to GPS-based approaches. TRI is the techniqueof choice for rapidly moving glaciers, especially their terminal zones, whichtend to exhibit high spatial and temporal variability. We use the a TRI instrument tomeasure the velocity of Breidamerkurjokull, a marine-terminating outlet glacieron the southeastern coast of Iceland, and compare it to TerraSAR-X data. TheTRI velocity maps will be used to address the short-term variations in the icevelocity distribution on the glacier, while the TerraSAR-X velocity maps willbe used for verification. The funding for ice dynamics studieswith the TRI comes from two sources: a NASA grant, and a USF startup grant.

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