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Summary of Proposal COA2070

TitleHurricane Sandy Surge Flooding Extent, Persistence and Impacts to Coastal Resources of New Jersey to northern Virginia
Investigator Rangoonwala, Amina - Five Rivers Services LLC.,, Remote Sensing and Image Processing
Team Member
Ms. Rangoonwala, Amina - Five Rivers Services LLC, Remote Sensing and Image Processing
SummaryThis is an observationally-driven research and mapping study based on radar and optical image and ground-based datasets documenting Hurricane Sandy surge persistence and impacts to the coastal wetland resources of the Delmarva and New Jersey coasts. Surge extents created from multiple TSX and COSMOS scenes collected during Hurricane Sandy will be transformed to duration-of-exposure surfaces.Pre- and post-storm resource type, condition, and structure constructed from optical, radar, and fused optical-TSX data will be combined with duration-of-exposure maps and latent resource responses determined from long-term, site-specific studies within a GIS.Using the GIS structure, we will develop observational-based models that relate the structural, functional, and spatial features of coastal resources to their resilience or vulnerability to extreme storms and surges, and their ability to protect inland natural and built environments. Products to be developed include (1) Hurricane Sandy surge extents contours and duration-of-exposure maps at times of TSX and COSMOS collections, (2) short-term resource damage maps, (3) pre- and post-Sandy landcover and condition maps, (4) a post-Sandy fused optical-TSX landcover map,(5) TSX-based marsh canopy structure indicators and surface roughness estimates for improving surge dynamics, (6) biophysical calibration and validation datasets collected in site-specific studies, and (7) a remote sensing based monitoring strategy for identifying areas for conservation, restoration and mitigation. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) investigators are funded through special funds received for documenting Hurricane Sandy coastal resource and infrastructure damages and responses. University of Maryland and Virginia investigators have received first year funds for optical image and site-specific studies through the same funding source. Second and third year funding is expected. The East Carolina University and Institute investigator responsibilities are within the scope of their respective institution funded obligations and research activities.

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