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Summary of Proposal HYD2059

TitleRemote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics (HGF Alliance): Cryosphere/Glaciology
Investigator Floricioiu, Dana - DLR, IMF
Team Member
Prof. Humbert, Angelika - AWI, -
Prof. Braun, Matthias - Friedrich-Alexander-Universität , Geographisches Institut
Prof. Hajnsek, Irena - DLR, HR
SummaryThe data requested through this proposal will be used within the Cryosphere topic of the HGF Alliance project “Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics”. The project aims to analyse TerraSAR-X mission data to study the current state of glaciers in polar and mountain regions. The main goals are to achieve insights into ice dynamics of glaciers as well as to derive various glaciological parameters. New and novel analysis techniques will be implemented and developed. Proposed products are surface velocity fields of glaciers, ice streams and ice shelves; glacier extent maps; grounding line positions, ice rise inventory, structural glaciological maps. We propose to use intensity feature and coherence tracking, differential SAR interferometry and standard classification methods on ration or coherence imagery for glacier extent mapping. New relations between SAR backscatter and ice/snow penetrating radar will be established by structural glaciological mapping. Data analysis is funded from the HGF Alliance project.

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