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Summary of Proposal COA1987

TitleStudy of Inupiat Subsistence Hunting Trails on the Shorefast Ice
Investigator Dammann, Dyre Oliver - University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute, Geology and Geophysics
Team Member
Dr. Eicken, Hajo - Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geology and Geophysics
Dr. Mahoney, Andy - Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geology and Geophysics
SummaryThe research project aims to provide insight into how seaice characteristics and change in sea ice can alter local traditional use ofsea ice. This project is mapping sea ice hunting trails around Barrow, Alaskaon top of SAR scenes. With the high resolution of TerraSAR-X, a higher understandingof how ice characteristics changes ice use may be achieved. Required for this research, are high-resolution SAR scenescovering the near coastal zone (boast line through 5 miles off the coast) 20miles down and 10 miles up the coast from Barrow, Alaska (71.2925N,-156.78833E). The project aims to map the hunting trails on ice conditions asclose to the real-time conditions as possible. Therefore imagery from April –May 2013 would be ideal. The product will be part of a long term study (started 2006)in understanding change and adaption to a changing Arctic and part of willlikely be published in scientific journals. SIZONet has funding to cover costs for scenes acquired overspecified area at scientific use rates.

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