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Summary of Proposal LAN1942

TitleApplication of TerraSAR-X, Sentinel-1, and future ALOS-2.PALSAR for modelling of soil-vegetation parameters controlling carbon balance in wetlands and agriculture areas.
Investigator Dabrowska - Zielinska, Katarzyna - Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Remote Sensing
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryNormal021The goal of the projectis the assessment of soil-vegetation parameters (LAI, biomass, LAD, height,APAR, surface temperature, heat fluxes, soil moisture) in two ecosystems asagriculture area and wetlands. Examination how these parameters and their changes during the vegetation season affect carbon balance which will bemeasured in-situ. The biophysical variables (LAI, biomass, APAR, vegetation height, soil moisture) will be measured in-situ during field campaigns April – October 2013-2015 simultaneously to the satellite acquisitions at two test sites: Wielkopolska Agriculture area (various crops) and Biebrza Wetlands (various vegetation communities). Carbon balance (NEE, RESP, GPP) will be measured using chamber method. Information from satellite observations (optical and microwave) and ground truth data will be applied in statistical analyses for developing the models for the estimation of various soil-vegetation parameters and carbon balance. The second approach, will be application of the "water cloud model" using TerraSAR-X and other available radar data as: ALOS-2.PALSAR – L band and Sentinel-1 C band. The model will be calibrated by vegetation descriptors (LAI characterizing biomass) and soil moisture. Also, wetlands vegetation cover and crop types will be distinguished applyingTerraSAR-X alone and in connection with other satellite data and it’s impact on carbon fluxes will be estimated. The project is continuation and enhancement ofthe existing radar observation database built thanks to several national and international projects including use of TerraSAR-X data obtained for the year 2012 for the former Project LAN0054. For the new project team is requesting a total of 160 TerraSAR-X images over two years and two test sites. This includes ScanSAR single polarisation and Stripmap dual polarisation modes. The project falls within the scope of existing funded research projects: PECS and national grant. ALOS-2.PALSAR data will be acquired through a newly accepted by JAXA Project PI No 1272 “ALOS-2.PALSAR for biomass and soil moisture assessment – study for agriculture, forest and wetlands ecosystem”. Sentinal-1 data will be available for ESA PECS and C1P projects. This research will produce the following deliverables: models for retrieval soil-vegetation variables, vegetation classification maps, various thematic maps (LAI, biomass, soilmoisture). Results will be presented in conferences and publications, including national grant report, promoting the use of TerraSAR-X data. The developed methodology will be useful for the practitioners and scientists dealing with agriculture and wetlands ecosystems in other parts of Europe because the studied areas can be recognized as a reference for other lowland rivervalley wetlands and farming areas.

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