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Summary of Proposal LAN1920

TitleTanzania, radargrammetry for forest monitoring
Investigator Solberg, Svein - Norwegian forest research institute, forest ecology
Team Member
Dr. Weydahl, Dan - Norwegian defense research establishment, Land and Airsystems Division
Msc Lohne, Tor - Norwegian forest and landscape institute, National forest inventory
SummarySame side SAR image pairs in stripmap will be processed for stereo radargrammetry, and a digital surface model will be generated. We will subtract a high quality DTM from airborne laser scanning in order to get the canopy height model, or normalized DSM. This is a measure of the canopy height, and we will set up regression analyses between field measured biomass data and nDSM values in order to describe the relationships. As a second step, we will use the obtained model together with the nDSM to generate a predicted forest biomass map.

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