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Summary of Proposal HYD1906

TitleMapping and Monitoring of Water Surfaces in Tanzania for the Prediction of the Rift Valley Fever
Investigator Wendleder, Anna - German Aerospace Center , German Remote Sensing Data Center
Team Member
Dr. Heinrich, Norbert - Medical Center of the University Munich, Departement for Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine
SummaryThe Rift Valley Virus is transmitted by Aedes and Culex mosquitos. The spreading of the mosquitos and hence of the virus depends on the presence, extension and seasonal changes of surface water. These environmental factors will be derived using the change detection. The chain detection contains of four main steps: kennaugh decomposition, geocoding, radiometric enhancement and normalization. For that purpose, dual-polarized TerraSAR-X data are required. In order to have the same acquisition geometry, the data of the time series must be aquired of the same orbit. The results are compared to near real-time rainfall data from Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM). The output will be a information layer containig all water areas, wetland rice cultivation and ponds. This project is funded by the DFG.

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