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Summary of Proposal LAN1733

TitleDetection of archaeological sites in the Jordan desert
Investigator Hanssen, Ramon - Delft University of Technology, Dept. of Earth Observation and Space systems
Team Member
dr. Iannini, Lorenzo - TU Delft, Geoscience and Remote Sensing
student Liem, Vera - TU Delft, Geoscience and Remote Sensing
SummaryThe project aims to aid in the detection and mapping of archaeological sites within the north-eastern Jordan desert. Archeologists of Leiden University are working in the area for several years, and are studying potential remains of human settlements, now visible in the alignment of stones onthe desert background.They expect that in thelarger region many more of these settlements wereactive. However, from a ground perspective these patterns are not that well visible (Comparable to the problem of the well-knownNazca lines). The perspective of spaceborne remote sensing may be very promising. TSX X-band dataare likely sensitive to the variation in backscatter due to the rougness changes resulting from the alignment of the stones. Currently, no stripmap data have been acquired in the region, therefore we ask for the acquistion of these data. Deliverables: A map identifying archaeological sites as well as a quality description of these sites within the research area. Funding Source: Delft University of Technology. General workflow : (1) Data acquisition (TerraSAR-X StripMap products), (2) Sensitivity study of features, (3) Investigation of speckle filters/image enhancement techniques to obtain best possible configuration for feature detection, (5) Investigation of (un)supervised methods for feature detection, (6) Qualitative evaluation/cross-validation of features.

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