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Summary of Proposal MTH1695

TitleInterferometric determination of subsidences in Prague city
Investigator Svobodova, Kvetoslava - Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mapping and Cartogr.
Team Member
doc. Ing. CSc. Halounova, Lena - Czech Technical University in Prague, Mapping and Cartography
Ing. Svobodova, Kvetoslava - Czech Technical University in Prague, Mapping and Cartography

Several landslides occurred in Prague in the past. Nowadays several tunnels were built there after 2000 and others are still under construction. This leads to an assumption that some subsidences are possible. The examined area is highly built-up and even small movement can cause large damage of buildings and constructions. We are trying to determine whether there are some subsidences withinthe examined area by IPTA method implemented in Gamma software. Also the StaMPS method will be used for the deformation detection.

I am planning to obtain 14 monthly already acquired images and about another 15 which will be acquired during 2013. The funding will be provided by the Department of Mapping and Cartography of Faculty of Civil Engineering.

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