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Summary of Proposal LAN1691

TitleExploitation of TSX interferometric data for landslides monitoring in civil protection scenarios
Investigator Manunta, Michele - IREA-CNR, N/A
Team Member
Dr Bonano, Manuela - IREA-CNR, N/A
Dr CalÚ, Fabiana - IREA-CNR, N/A
Mr Lanari, Riccardo - IREA-CNR, N/A
SummaryThe main goal of this project is to extensively exploit the SBAS-DInSAR technique to detect and analyze surface deformation effects mainly related to landslide phenomena in civil protection scenarios. To this aim, the activities of the project will be carried out within the agreement signed between IREA and the Italian Civil Protection Department, aimed at investigating, by exploiting satellite measurements, deformation phenomena that are particularly relevant in emergency response and risk prevention contexts. We intend to analyze the slope instabilities in the Daunia region (Southern Italy), where complex landslide phenomena are continuously activated. The particular interest in such area is related to the presence of phenomena that, while remaining active at low velocities for long periods, can be subject to sudden acceleration as a result of seismic, meteorological events or human activities, causing extensive damage to infrastructures and urban centers. To this aim, the multi-scale SBAS technique can provide useful information about the spatial distribution and the temporal evolution of the slope movements affecting the investigated area. In particular, thanks to its ability to perform analyses at different spatial scales, producing deformation maps (and related time series) at medium and high spatial resolution, the SBAS technique is able to provide a synoptic view of the entire unstable area and, at the same time, a high degree of detail of the spatial pattern of observed deformation phenomena.

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