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Summary of Proposal OCE1592

TitleMonitoring of fast and sea ice in Atka Bay, Antarctica
Investigator Wesche, Christine - Alfred Wegener Institute, Logistics
Team Member
Dr Dierking, Wolfgang - Alfred Wegener Institute, Climate Science
Mr. Hoppmann, Mario - Alfred Wegener Institute, Climate Science
Dr Nicolaus, Marcel - Alfred Wegener Institute, Climate Science
Dr Willmes, Sascha - University of Trier, Environmental Meteorology
SummaryWe intend to infer detailed information on the structure and dynamics of afast ice test site at Atka Bay, Antarctica. Satellite data shall in particularbe gathered in conjunction with extensive field work. We focus on theproperties of the fast ice zone, its formation and seasonal evolution, and onthe interaction between the fast ice with the adjacent drifting pack ice andicebergs. For the project it is planned to use TerraSAR-X images in combinationwith optical and thermal infrared imagery. For the retrieval of ice conditionsand properties existing methods will be extended. The potential and theproblems of using TerraSAR-X data to support these methods are examined.

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