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Summary of Proposal MTH1552

TitleDevelopment, Verification and Application of new Geodetic Corrections for SAR Products
Investigator Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Team Member
Mr. Duque, Sergio - DLR, IMF
Dr. Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Prof. Pail, Roland - TUM, IAPG
Ms Cong, Xiaoying - TUM, LMF
Dr. Balss, Ulrich - DLR, IMF
Mr Gisinger, Christoph - TUM, IAPG
Mr Breit, Helko - DLR, IMF
Dr. Fritz, Thomas - DLR, IMF
Dr. Montenbruck, Oliver - DLR, GSOC
Prof. Hugentobler, Urs - TUM, IAPG
SummarySee short project overviews. Funding of DLR/IMF, TUM/LMF and TUM/IAPG is provided for 5 years by HGF, DLR@Uni, Munich Aerospace.

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