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Summary of Proposal MTH1517

TitleBistatic Tomography SAR Imaging Technology
Investigator Wang, Robert Yu - Chinese Academy of Sciences, Inst. of Electronics, Dep. of Space Microwave Remote Sensing System
Team Member
Mr. Liu, Donglie - TU Braunschweig, Institut fuer Geodaesie und Photogrammetrie
Dr. Canguan, Gao - YiLi Normal University, Departmehnt of Electrical and Information Engineering
SummaryThe objective of this proposal is to explore limitation and potential of Bistatic Tomography SAR and investigate subsidence caused by over-development in Beijing City. The researching region we chose includes not only urban area with high-density building, but also rural area with a dam. Therefore, at the same time of the investigation of bistatic and monostatic tomography, PSInSAR and SBAS, we can analyze the different types of deformation caused by different types of reason. In urban area, underground water pumping and over construction are the main factors of subsidence; while in dam region, the change of water pressure is the major reason of deformation. To observe and compare the geologic change caused by different factors, we can optimize the algorithms of related techniques, such as bistatic tomography, PSInSAR and SBAS algorithms. Furthermore, we will also apply the TerraSAR-X SSC monostatic images to develop monostatic tomography, PSI, SBAS, and use their results to test the accuracy and efficiency of bistatic algorithms. In this way, it is convenient to compare the performance of bistatic algorithms to monostatic ones, which will serves as a valuable input for exploring the possible potential of bistatic applications based on TerraSAR and TanDEM-X. Therefore, we chose the TerraSAR-X scene center point (40.17N, 116.32E)and four corner points: (40.39N,116.14E), (40.39N,116.50E), (39.95N,116.50E), (39.94N, 116.15E) to fulfill our demand to develop both bistatic and monostatic SAR processing algorithms.

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