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Summary of Proposal GEO1088

TitleMapping ground surface deformation of selected Aleutian volcanoes using TerraSAR-X InSAR imagery
Investigator Lu, Zhong - Southern Methodist University, Earth Sciences
Team MemberNo team members defined
SummaryWe propose to use TSX images to study recent and future eruptions (2011-2013) at selected volcanoes in the Aleutians. Our project consists of five major thrusts. First, we.ll analyze TSX images to study recent eruptions at Okmok (erupted in 2008), Kasatochi (erupted in 2008), Veniaminof (erupted in 2008), Redoubt (erupted in 2009), and Cleveland (erupting since 2009). Second, we would like to acquire time-series TSX images over two active volcanoes (Okmok and Seguam) for PSInSAR processing. Third, we propose to acquire TSX images for future eruptions in the Aleutians (2-3 volcanoes per year during 2011 and 2013). Fourth, we.ll compare InSAR coherence for Aleutian volcanoes from 11-day X-band TSX, 35-day C-band ERS-2/Envisat, and 46-day L-band ALOS imagers and evaluate their effectiveness for deformation mapping. Fifth, we will utilize high-resolution TSX intensity images, along with other SAR and optical satellite images and field observations to infer the course of eruptions. The TSX InSAR images will not only complement our InSAR analysis of Aleutian volcanoes from ERS-2, Envisat and ALOS images but also provide higher spatial-resolution and shorter temporal-resolution deformation maps to reveal time-variant ground-surface deformation unavailable from other satellite sensors. The combined InSAR images from TSX and other sensors will improve our modeling effort and provide better understanding of how these volcanoes work.

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