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Summary of Proposal COA1442

TitleEffectiveness of the TS-X for offshore renewable energy characterization and pre-selection of sites
Investigator Jacobsen, Sven - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Remote Sensing Technology Institute
Team Member
Prof. Mayerle, Roberto - University of Kiel, Research and Technology Centre Westcoast (FTZ)
Dr. Lehner, Susanne - German Aerospace Center, Remote Sensing Technology Institute
SummaryThe lack of field data in terms of winds, waves andcurrent velocities, particularly in offshore and remote areas, continues torepresent one of the main obstacles in conducting proper selections of sites suitedfor the installation of ocean renewable energy facilities worldwide. Nowadays, theselection procedure for the installation of such sources of energy reliesmainly on point measurements. Therefore, the spatial variability of the currentvelocities and thus extent of the area suited for the installation of thearrays of structures is usually disregarded. With the advancements in theremote sensing field, applications of such techniques to deliver information onwinds, waves, current velocities and also bathymetry in coastal areas are atreach. This is particularly the case concerning the two dimensionalinformation of the ocean surface obtainedfrom spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radars. In thisproject the effectiveness of data obtained from the recently launched GermanX-band Synthetic Aperture RadarTS-X for providing the required data, shall be assessed for several areas ofthe Indonesian coastal seas. The investigations will focus on: a)several straitsconnecting the Indonesian through flow from the internal seas with the IndianOcean and along Nusa Tengara Islands;b) areas between Malaka Strait and KarimataSea and c) some narrow straits in the Riau Archipelago. In spite of the fact that in many ofthese sites, point averaged current velocities exceeding 2m/s have beenmeasured, there is not much information on the spatial variability. Therefore theadequacy of the remote sensing technique for providing the required informationfor resource characterization and site selection of ocean renewable facilitieswill be verified. The verification of the accuracy of the data derived from theTS-X radar will be tested against results of ad hocmodels for simulation of flows and waves. In addition to improving resource characterizationit is intended to integrate this technique within a strategy for the selectionof sites suited for installation of ocean energy facilities. The project is funded by the BMBF in scope of the SPICEIII programme. Duration of the project is from March 2012 to Feburary 2015. More information about the entire programme is avaible at

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