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Summary of Proposal GEO1423

TitleInvestigating stick-slip motion at Skalafellsjokull
Investigator Hart, Jane - University of Southampton, Geography and Environment
Team Member
Dr Martinez, Kirk - University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science
Dr Edwards, laura - University of Southampton, Geography and Environment
SummaryThe response of glaciers to climate change is an area of high scientificinterest in terms of the potential for sea level rise and yet the precisemechanisms behind these responses and the way in which glaciers move are notfully understood. Recent research has shown that ice motion is commonlyepisodic and it has been suggested that this reflects stick-slip motion of theglacier (Bahr and Rundle, 1996; Fischer and Clark, 1997; Bindschadler et al.,2003; Tsai and Ekstrom, 2007; Weins et al., 2008). The aim of the Leverhulme Trustfunded Glacsweb project is to combine data from in-house developed wirelessenglacial and subglacial probes (measuring water pressure, temperature, tilt,case stress) with other in-situ and remote sensing data and utilise these datato understand glacier stick-slip motion on Skalafellsjökull glacier in Iceland.The additional data includes ice thickness from ground penetrating radar,surface velocity and strain rate from GPS, meteorological data, information onsubglacial sediment architecture and data from passive seismic systems (geophones).Any basal, surface or englacial events identified in the geophone data can belinked with concurrent data from the probes and GPS (among others) to isolatethe conditions presence and the possible mechanisms of initiation. Incorporatinginterferometric TerraSAR-X data to this project will allow a more thoroughunderstanding of the glacier being studied in terms of its spatial distributionof velocity and strain rates which we cannot currently obtain with our fieldinstrumentsalone.

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