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Summary of Proposal COA1415

TitleTerra-SAR-X data for rapid mapping of tsunami induced flooded areas
Investigator Hese, Sören - Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Earth Observation
Team Member
Dr. Thiel, Christian - Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Earth Observation
SummaryThe overall objective of SENDAI is to develop an analysis approach based on TerraSAR-X data and synergetically on RapidEye data to enhance regional disaster management scenarios and to provide a robust and transferrable fast flood mapping and devastation mapping approach. The SENDAI project is funded by FSU Jena through one full time senior scientist position and uses already existing data from the ongoing RESA project 483 (PI Dr. Sören Hese). Reflecting different objectives, the project is scheduled in three phases. First, the data base will be established, including the required TerraSAR-X data and the RapidEye data sets. In phase two the central part of the project is the method development of the processing and image analysis, comprising the method for mapping different flooding types and off-shore debris clusters based on TerraSAR-X data and based on a combination of both data types: Rapideye and TerraSAR-X data. Within the third phase the long term monitoring of the coastal area and the expected regreening of the vegetated region around the Fukushima powerplant will be investigated with optical Rapideye and TS-X time series data. For the first part, different image processing techniques will be applied ranging from image interpretation and radar image filtering to sophisticated methods as SVM texture classification and object based relational image analysis. The study will be based on TerraSAR-X SPOT light data, Stripmap data and if usable also scansar data from 2011 and covering the heavily tsunami flood impacted areas in the Sendai bay region. The study will integrate in-situ data from Japanes collegues. The study will also integrate analysis methods for combined TerraSAR-X and optical data usage. In the validation phase the developed methodology will be tested on independent validation sites. In total 3 data coverages for a region covering 50 km x160 km are needed to cover the Sendai bay region for this analysis for each time. With a TerraSAR-X scene size of 10x10 km this leads to a need for approximately 5x16=80 TerraSAR-X scenes for each year in SPOT-light mode for this project (archive ordering from 2011 (March and August from the archive) and August 2010. Funding is garantueed by a fixed permanent senior scientist working within this projekt (Dr. Sören Hese) (Akademischer Rat) financed by the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena.

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