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Summary of Proposal MTH1382

TitleMonitoring of Rio Antirrio Bridge
Investigator Adam, Nico - DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Remote Sensing Technology Institute
Team Member
Assist. Prof. Parcharidis, Issaak - Harokopio University of Athens, Dep. of Geography, Remote Sensing Group
SummaryThe Rio Antirrio Bridge is an ideal test site for the development and demonstration of advanced interferometry techniques as PSI and SBAS. The structure and the shape of the building is a challenge. Also, the building is exposed to different natural effects e.g. from the sea, the wind and the surrounding tectonics. This is the reason, it is a suitable candidate for the monitoring of structural stress and the signals to be measured can be significant and are of public interest. The data directly contribute to two projects: first to the PhD theses of Kanika Goel and second to the Terrafirma cooperation with the Greek partners. Terrafirma is a scientific project funded by ESA and includes the development and demonstration of new interferometric techniques. The Greek partners will assess the estimated data and compare the DLR results with their own. A special funding is not required.

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