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Summary of Proposal GEO1352

TitleAssessment of TerraSAR-X data for detecting the Black Sea coast displacements
Investigator Osheyko, Sergey - Black Sea Organization for Integration and Sustainable Development, Management
Team Member
Dr Litasov, Yury - Institute of Geology for SB RAS, Laboratory of geodynamics
Mr Ovcharov, Alexander - State Scientific Centre YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA, UMGInfo
Dr Puzankov, Konstantin - State Scientific Centre YUZHMORGEOLOGIYA, UMGInfo
SummarySAR Interferometry is a perfect method for detailed survey on the deformation processes over a medium term. The research, done up to the present moment, has shown that X-range radar survey ensures a high level of precision of the observation and the obtained results. The survey on deformation processes of Earth’s crust and local areas within the scope of this project will be done on two loops: a plain ground on the Taman Peninsula and a mountainous area near the town of Sochi. These territories are characterized with high seismic activity and deformation processes. At present detailed surveys of these areas are done only based on materials obtained from surface-recorded observations. The materials from the X-range survey will be processed using the technologies DInSAR and PSInSAR, as well as visual methods. During this process crustal movements (deformations) will be defined for a two-year’ period and the gradients of these movements will be (i.e. deformation rate). Based on the amplitude data of these radar survey materials the dynamics of change will be defined for the coastal area of the Black and Azov seas. The results of the radar survey processing will be analysed together with the measurements of the land GPS and GLONASS points, and also compared to the field observations data, map documents and archived high definition images, obtained in optical range. The survey results will help us understand more deeply the nature of the deformation processes. The results of this study will serve as a material for making forecasts for the behavior of a lay of land and also for the further development of various research technologies in the area of relief deformations of natural and technogenic character. The obtained results - maps of displacement will be used as one of the important components in monitoring GIS. Funding source is the Black Sea Organization for Integration and Sustainable Development (Russia)

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