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Summary of Proposal HYD1346

TitleModelling of the 2009 Ayamama river floodusing LISFLOOD-FP
Investigator Ozdemir, Hasan - Istanbul University, Geography Department
Team Member
Dr Schumann, Guy - University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences
Prof Bates, Paul - University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences
SummaryThis project will model a flood resulting froma dam breach and river overtopping in an urbanised area. This modelling exercise requires a very high resolution satellite image of the event for robust calibration. TerraSAR-X (1m-3m)is about the only satellite currently delivering that kind of resolution during flood-related meteorological weather conditions. After acquisition of theTerraSAR-X flood image, the data will be used to generate aflood map for parts ofthe urban area of Istanbul (Turkey). The approach adopted will be based on results from project HYD0363. During the next phase, we will built a LISFLOOD-FP model to simulate the 2009 flood event in the area. Subsequently, the accuracy of the flood model for this urban area will be compared to the flood map from the TerraSAR-X flood image and differences will be assessed and implications for future work will be discussed. The results of this phase will be fed back to DLR in the form of a report. As a final stage, we will write up the methodology and results in an internationally renowned journal.

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