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Summary of Proposal LAN1335

TitleMonitoring of surface subsidence induced by over-exploitation of ground water
Investigator Mirshahi, Fatemeh - K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
Team Member
Dr Valadanzoej, Mohammad Javad - K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
Dr Dehghani, Maryam - Shiraz University, Dept. of civil and environmental engineering
MRS mirshahi, fatemeh - K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
SummarySince surface subsidence may threaten urban infrastructures, monitoring the surface subsidence in urban areas is very critical,Therefore, in order to be able to efficiently asses risk and manage the resources more, temporal and spatial monitoring of subsidence is required. Among all ground- and space-based deformation monitoring techniques, INSAR technique provides very precise measurements using highly correlated radar images. However moderate resolution radar images such as ENVISAT ASAR are not able to detect and measure the spatially local subsidence caused by some of the human activities such as tunneling for metro activities. Since TerraSAR-X provides high spatial resolution data acquired in band X, it can monitor the local subsidence. The disadvantage of acquiring data in band X is that the data is highly subject to temporal decorrolation. The goal is to measure the subsidence of Tehran (or Hashtgerd) most probably due to the over exploitation of ground water.This study consists of two major parts. One part is to measure the deformation signal using radar interferometry including three main steps: (i) Detecting the spatially local land subsidence, (ii) Measuring the rate of the subsidence, (iii)Evaluation of the results with GPS and leveling data in the area. The second part of the study focuses on the comparison of the results obtained from TerraSAR-X with other existing radar data (e.g. ENVISAT ASAR) and evaluation of the TerraSAR-X potential in improving the PSI techniques performance. In this part PSI will be applied onboth TerraSAR-X and ENVISAT data and the results will be compared together. Data requirements: The required data for this study is: 1.TerraSAR-x StripMap data2. Large-scale topographic map (1:500). The outputs of the study are as follows: 1. subsidence map (including location and deformation rate) 2.evaluation results (InSAR with GPS and leveling) 3. Results of comparing TerraSAR-X with other existing moderate-resolution data. The project output will be delivered through a complete report to DLR. This project is financially supported by K. N.Toosi University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Geomatic engineering.

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