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Summary of Proposal COA1332

TitleDInSAR detection of residual settlement of land reclaimed from the sea in newly developed Lingang New City, Shanghai, China
Investigator Zhao, Qing - East China Normal University, College of
Team Member
Dr. DING, Xianwen - Shanghai Ocean University, College of Marine Sciences
Pepe, Antonio - IREA-CNR,
SummaryLingang New City, the biggest development plan for Shanghai. Ground settlement is a common phenomenon in reclamation areas and mostly caused by settling of unconsolidated basements. Ground subsidence with a rate of 10 cma-1 may cause serious damage to buildings, highways, airport runways, harbors, and underground facilities. Thus, detection and measurement residual settlement of reclaimed area, including monitoring continuous impacts of ocean processes onits stability, are a necessary work. The goal of the proposal is to investigate residual settlement of the reclaimed foundation and coastal line change at Lingang New City with PSI and TerraSAR X images, and evaluate TerraSAR-X data applicability in this ground settlement situation. Higher level products, such as ground settlement history at each Persistent Scatterer (PS) point, ground settlement trend map, and coastal lines change map will be obtained by exploiting archives of TerraSAR-X images, Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) methodologies, and Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR). The achieved results will be validated by inter-comparison to available ground truth data. Ground settlement models of reclaimed foundation of the study area will be derived. To the purpose, time series analyses, correlation analyses, and statistical analyses will jointly be performed. For this project, we will further study the relationship of continuous impacts of ocean processes and ocean reclamation foundation stability with long time series of TerraSAR X images. In addition, long-term deformation time series obtained by processing TerraSAR-X images will also be used to monitor coastal line change at Lingang New City. Coastal line change map will be retrieved through DInSAR analysis. The scientific work will be financed from internal resources of the participants. The deliverables of this proposal are papers andreports relevant in particular to the monitoring of coastal zones.

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