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Summary of Proposal GEO1324

TitleLocating the PelusiacRiver Channel, Defuct Branch of the Nile
Investigator KHAN, SHUHAB - University of Houston, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Team Member
Associate Professor KHAN, SHUHAB - University of Houston, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
SummaryThePelusiac Branch is a tributary river which split off from the Nile River inEgypt as it flowed west to east toward the Mediterranean. At approximately 25A.D. it became fully chocked by sand and silt deposited by prograding beachaccretion processes. The purpose of this study is to present a comprehensivemap of the course of the defunct Pelusiac River and its distributary brancheswith the objective of identifying as yet undiscovered archeological siteslocated along the ancient river banks before they are lost to rapid urbanizationtaking place in the area. Althoughthe upper course of the river and its meeting point with the Nile have beenspeculated upon based on ancient texts and maps, the locations have been provenincorrect and the location of the Pelusiacís full course remains unknown. Previousstudies have partly mapped the lower course of the Pelusiac River in the areaeast of the Suez Canal on a deltaic plain between the El Baqar canal and Tellel Farama (ancient Pelusium) with some success, but minor branches were ignoredand its course was not pursued past the boundary of Tell el Farama. As part ofthis study, remote sensing including multispectral and radar sources will beimplemented. DEM data will be collected and manipulated using GIS systems methodsincluding hillshade and slope analysis. These methods will serve toauthenticate or disprove the currently accepted lower course and provide adetailed map of the Pelusiacís overall course including minor branches in orderto identify possible archeological dig sites.

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