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Summary of Proposal MTH1289

TitleMonitoring sugarcane growth in Fiji using multi-temporal TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Melotte, Inge - I-MAGE Consult, Remote sensing
Team Member
Head of Unit Defourny, Pierre - Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Department of Environmental Sciences – Geomatics
SummaryThe aim of this research is to study the behaviour of radar backscattered signal of sugarcane fields with respect to the sugar cane characteristics (height, harvest,…) in an operational context.
Different TerraSAR-X image acquisitions will be required in StripMap mode with different polarizations, covering a 12 month period and with an average of one image per month.
The radar signal will be studied using ground truth measurements of sugarcane heights, harvest dates and optical images.
The expected results obtained from the SAR analysis derived from TerraSAR-X images and other data sources will be described in a final report by I-MAGE Consult.
The funding source of this research project is the Walloon Government of Belgium (“Research & innovation grant”) (60%), as well as the own investment fund of I-MAGE Consult (40%).

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