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Summary of Proposal CAL1279

TitleTERRA-COSMO: Investigation of the performances of TerraSAR-X data on extended natural targets and Cross-calibration with COSMO-SkyMed images
Investigator Pettinato, Simone - IFAC - CNR, Microwave Remote Sensing Group
Team Member
Dr Pampaloni, Paolo - CNR-IFAC, Microwave Remote Sensing Group
Dr Fontanelli, Giacomo - CNR-IFAC, Microwave Remote Sensing Group
Dr Pettinato, Simone - CNR-IFAC, Microwave Remote Sensing Group
Dr Santi, Emanuele - CNR-IFAC, Microwave Remote Sensing Group
Dr Paloscia, Simonetta - CNR-IFAC, Microwave Remote Sensing Group
SummaryThe objective of the research is to investigate the joint capabilities of TerraSAR-X (TSX) and Cosmo-SkyMed (CSK) missions on one hand in estimating the hydrological parameters of the surface (i.e. soil moisture content, vegetation biomass, snow cover area and water equivalent) and on the other hand in providing, when possible, a cross calibration between data from and between stripmap single polarization and ping-pong dual pol. images. This will be done by comparing backscattering coefficients acquired by the two systems on the same natural targets. Natural targets used will include: agricultural areas, forests, snow covers, water bodies, and mountain areas. Simulations of backscattering will be performed with electromagnetic models available at IFAC by the Microwave Remote Sensing Group (MRSG) using ground data as inputs. First of all, a comparison will be carried out between TSX and CSK stripmap performances over the same areas, taking model simulations as a reference. Then TSX images will be used as a reference to check the performances of CSK (dual polarization data will be considered if available). The estimated quantity of data requested to perform the research include 6 images (stripmap single pol.HH) of the ‘Sesto’ test site, 6 images (stripmap single pol. VV) of Cordevole watershed.

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