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Summary of Proposal MTH1262

TitleThe Use of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)for Conservation and Cultural Heritage Preservation
Investigator Evans, Diane - JPL, ESTD
Team Member
Dr Geller, Gary - JPL, Div 38
SummaryThe objectives of this work are to monitor UNESCO (United NationsEducational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Sites.that are vulnerable to natural andhuman influences and work with end users to identify threats and informresponse strategies. Assembling a long-term record is key to unraveling how the Earth’ssurface and cover is changing over time. SAR data will be acquired from past and currently flying internationalsystems. TerraSAR-X data is requested as part of the Open Initiative toprovide current views of the sites. Processing willinclude, 1) multitemporal SAR images to identify changes in land cover and landuse, and 2) repeat-pass interferometric synthetic apertureradar (InSAR) data to identify grounddeformation associated with natural or human-induced hazards such assubsidence, landslides, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Funding would be provided by NASA

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