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Summary of Proposal LAN1238

TitleEconomic-ecological evaluation of the climatic effectiveness of peatlands in the state of Baden- Wuertemberg (Germany)
Investigator Kalia, Andre - BGR, Remote Sensing Unit
Team Member
Dipl.- Geogr. Bakara, Heike - University of Hohenheim, Soil Science
SummaryThe primary objective of this proposal is to estimate the soil moisture in peatlands using TerraSAR-X data. The secondery objective is to monitor landcover changes within the peatlands. Concerning the primary objective the soil moisture should be estimated by sigma nought conversion as a first step of radiometric correction. Afterwards different models (e.g. water cloud model) are used for modelling the relationship between the TerraSAR-X data and the ground truth data. So for this task the data is required in the single look complex format. Concerning the secondary objective different change detection methods as rationing or differencing are performed. This task would require some higher preprocessing, the most suitable format would be the enhanced ellipsoid corrected format. The project belongs to the program "BWPLUS - Lebensgrundlage Umwelt und ihre Sicherung" and is funded by the Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Transport of the Federal State of Baden-Wuertemberg.

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