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Summary of Proposal LAN1209

TitleHabitat Identification of Malaria Vectors: Northern South America/Caribbean
Investigator Fuller, Douglas - University of Miami, Geography
Team Member
Director Soto, Edison - Instituto Nacional de Salud, Proyecto Malaria Colombia
Director Herrera, Socrates - Caucaseco Scientific Research Center, Office of the Director
Professor Quiñones, Martha - Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Public Health
Research Associate P Wdowinski, Shimon - University of Miami, Marine Geology and Geophysics
Professor Beier, John - University of Miami, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
SummaryWetlands and water bodies provide critical habitats for a wide variety of malaria vectors of the genus Anopheles throughout the Americas. Habitat requirements for important malaria vectors vary spatially and temporally and spatial information on water levels and extent are generally difficult to obtain from optical imagery owing to persistent cloud cover in the tropics. Here we propose to use short acquisition intervals SAR data to investigate to suitability of X-band SAR to identify wetland and water bodies as habitats of malaria vectors in malaria-endemic region of northern South America, mainly in Colombia.We propose to utilize TerraSAR-X (TSX) imagery over the study area, where our team has extensive experience in the study of vectors and malaria transmission.Specifically, we will examine amplitude changes between subsequent passes to analyze the space-time dynamics of wetlands and open water bodies that are known to contain vectors. In this way, we will advance understanding of malaria ecology and demonstrate a novel use of high-resolution X-band SAR data in the fight against malaria, which remains a serious public health threat in many parts of Latin America.

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