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Summary of Proposal LAN1185

TitleDetection and monitoring of subsidence caused by underground mining in central China with TerraSAR-X
Investigator Riedel, Björn - TU Braunschweig, Institut fuer Geodaesie und Photogrammetrie
Team Member
Prof. Bian, Zhengfu - China University of Mining and Technology, Department of Land Resource Management
SummaryThe objective of this proposal is the investigation on subsidence processes in the central province Shanxi in China caused by subsurface mining activities with interferometric methods. This area of investigation is situated in a steep mountainous region with lower vegetation. There are 11 active coal mines, which are excavated by underground mining. Due to economical circumstances the ecavating processes will go now to coal layers in areas which are not optimal from geological and underground survey point of view. The general geological situation is rather poor and this leads to subsidence processes, which are observed up to now by levelling lines and some GPS observations. With the ongoing ecavation of coal layers in more and more unstable geological conditions one has to change the subsidence monitoring concept from points and lines of observation to areal information. Therefore, we want to investigate the possibilities of the differential interferometric SAR data processing and the persistent scatterer technique to derive subsidence information related to underground mining in this ambitious region. The results shall be compared and validated with epochal terrestrial observations and corner reflectors. For the separation of seasonal and athmospheric effects, earth surface processes in relation to subsurface mining activities we need two year-cycles of radar data. The TerraSAR-X data shall be acquired in strip map mode to cover a large area under a steep incidence angle. The deliverables will be subsidence maps, publications, transfer of knowledge and a final report to DLR. The funding for the data processing in Germany will come from the chinese partner. Further research work will be done by Ph.D. student at our institute.

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