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Summary of Proposal LAN1173

TitleMonitoring the Mining Subsidence by D-InSAR and SBAS technique
Investigator Hongdong, Fan - China University of Mining a. Technology, School of Environment a. Spatial Inf.
Team Member
Monitoring land subs Kazhong, Deng - China University of Mining and Technology, School of Environment and Spatial Informatics
SummaryMonitoring the surface subsidence of mining areas becomes increasingly important because of the large-scale exploitation of coal resources. D-InSAR and SBAS technique are both limited by the factors of sub-sampling of data, the spatial and temporal decorrelation and atmospheric delay. TerraSAR-X data have higher resolution and shorter temporal baseline than other SAR data, which can greatly reduce the effect on experimental results due to sub-sampling of data and temporal decorrelation. This project aims to analyze practicability of the original algorithm when using high resolution SAR data (e.g. TerraSAR-X data), including phase unwrapping, atmospheric correction and identifying high coherent pixels. This project will be carried out in three parts: monitoring the surface subsidence caused by strip mining, monitoring the surface subsidence caused by spontaneous caving mining and monitoring expressway deformation above goaf. After comparing the experimental results using different SAR data and the ground survey data obtained from the project teamís partner, the accuracy of experimental result using high-resolution TerraSAR-X data in three parts will be analyzed. Moreover, the project will analyze and validate TerraSAR-X Imageryís applicability in mining subsidence monitoring by D-InSAR and SBAS technique. The researchingmine will be exploited in October 2011, which is located in the North Central of China. Now, the data of ground topographic and designing material of working face of underground and project of backfilling mining of underground have been collected. In order to analyze the feasibility and effectiveness of detecting deformation using the TerraSAR data, the data of level and GPS will be used in the same time.

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