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Summary of Proposal LAN1170

TitleTaking the pulse of UNESCO's World Heritage sites including tropical forests
Investigator Radoux, Julien - Université catholique de Louvain, Earth and Life Institute
Team Member
Dr Hernandez, Mario - UNESCO, Ecological and Earth Sciences
SummaryThe overall goal of thisproject, funded by the Belgian Science Policy, is to assist UNESCO Member States with an overall assessment about the conservationof UNESCO tropical forest sites using land cover change detection by Earth observation. The scientific objective is to establish non site specific methodology and processing chain to detect forestand other land cover change on regular basis as support to the Periodicreporting exercise. Based on various recent developments in object-based changedetection and automated land cover classification, the currently availablealgorithms and methods will be adjusted to process large areas using optical highresolution imagery, like Landsat, SPOT, DMC and AWiFS together with SAR data including RADARSAT-2, TerraSAR X and ALOS. The method will betested on minimum 12 sites for prototyping and demonstration purposes. TerraSAR X data will be tested on 2 UNESCO WH sites in Democratic Republic of Congo. Adaptive statistical method will be used to build wall-to-wall forest/non-forest masks and to detect change between 3 time periods (1990, 2000, 2010). Direct outlier detection between SAR and optical data will be tested for 2000-2010 changes) and the SAR data will also be used in the cloud removal algorithm for the preprocessing of optical data. In addition to the scientific papers, the main deliverable of this project will be a software that will be run operationnaly, after the end of this project, in order to monitor the 80 UNESCO WH sites including tropical forest. The second deliverable is a set of interactive forest cover change map that will be distributed to the local site managers.

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