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Summary of Proposal HYD1147

TitleQuantifying the influence of rapid inhomogeneous basal melting on ice morphology and dynamics at Pine Island Ice Shelf using TerraSAR-X velocimetry.
Investigator Holland, David - New York University, Mathematics
Team Member
Dr. Joughin, Ian - University of Washington, Polar Science Center Applied Physics Lab.

Radar data collected by TerraSAR-X will be used to produce a velocity map for Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica. The proposed data requirements are 25 scenes covering the region of interest to be taken every six months for three years.

The purpose of the velocity product (to be used in conjunction with NASA IceBridge elevation data and contemporaneous field data) is to collect evidence of novel glaciological responses to the unusually large and spatially complex melt rates that are believed to exist under the Pine Island Ice Shelf. The data will feed into numerical modelling of the regional oceanography and glaciology. The validity of velocity and elevation products derived by satellite and airborne observations will also be determined by comparison to field data collected by the NSF-funded PIG project in which David Holland is a co-PI.

Deliverables include: velocity products for PIIS that will be made available to the glaciological community, incorporation of these data products into a realistic numerical model of the Pine Island region and publications of findings related to unique coupled ocean and glacier phenomena appearing in the rapidly evolving Amundsen Sea sector of Antarctica.

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