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Summary of Proposal LAN1130

TitleStability Evaluation of a Highway over Undermined Area in Ostrava
Investigator Lazecky, Milan - VSB-TUO, Institute of Geoinformatics
Team Member
doc. CSc. Rapant, Petr - VSB-TUO, Institute of Geoinformatics
Ir. Kacmarik, Michal - bRGM, Institute of Geoinformatics
SummaryA part of a relatively new czech highway D1 connecting Ostrava with Prague and Poland, is built over an undermined area of Ostrava-Svinov. Since the end of 2010, this part of the highway is fully operational. Because of undermining, a subsidence can be expected, however with a very slow rate since the mines are no more active in this area (the mining ended about 20 years ago). The idea of the proposed project is to obtain several TerraSAR-X images during 2011 to apply an interferometric processing in order to estimate as precise deformation model as possible. There will be three corner reflectors attached to the highway pillars. Objects of interest are movements of newly built highway bridges, banks and the subsidence acitivity in the area. The project will use methods of Differential InSAR using open-source products. The funding is ensured by university for planning of several SAR acquisitions. More funding was requested but not confirmed yet that would be used for more acquisitions planning and using them in multitemporal techniques (PS, SBAS). A new method can be designed to process small amount of available images focusing on very coherent scatterers (corner reflectors etc.) As a result, the stability of objects will be discussed together with the overall stability of the area (that is actually 20 years after closure of the mines).
Final Reportsee brief report (actually the brief report contains all milestone information)

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