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Summary of Proposal MTH1118

TitleTELEIOS: A Virtual Observatory for TerraSAR-X
Investigator Schwarz, Gottfried - DLR, MF-PB
Team Member
Prof. Datcu, Mihai - DLR, MF-PB
Prof. Koubarakis, Manolis - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications
Mr. Reitz, Thorsten - Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft IGD, Graphische Informationssysteme
Prof. Kersten, Martin - CWI, Information Systems
Dr. Kontoes, Charis - National Observatory of Athens, ISARS
Mr. Di Giammatteo, Ugo - Advanced Computer Systems, Environment
Mr. Babaee, Mohammadreza - TU München, Institute for Human-Machine Communication
SummaryBased on the team experience, DLR and its partners submitted a European “Virtual Observatory Infrastucture for Earth Observation Data” collaborative project proposal called TELEIOS to the European Union (EU) that, after formal reviewing, has been approved for funding by the EU within its FP7 framework (project number FP-257662). The goal of the project is to design and implement a Virtual Observatory infrastructure for Earth observation data.This Virtual Observatory will use innovative database technology to store and query image data, image metadata, and symbolic representations of images thus capturing their content and semantics. This allows the discovery of knowledge that currently lies dormant in Earth observation archives. Within this framework, the provision of high resolution SAR data will be covered by this proposal, while the handling of optical data will be dealt with by partner institutions. With the support of the European Space Agency, Earth observation scientists from several institutions will be involved throughout the entire project life-time making sure that the project results will have a lasting impact in the Earth observation community. DLR wants to go beyond the current EOWEB portal which simply offers a hierarchical organization of TerraSAR-X products together with a temporal and geographical selection menu to enable queries that capture the semantics of the content of images. For example, queries like “find images appropriate for building detection” are of huge importance for a broad community of users. The queries have to capture the nature and properties of the SAR products. Following the work package description of the EU TELEIOS project, and besides the usual project management activities, the principal work packages of the EU project are: -Specifying and setting up the necessary infrastructure (computer systems, a data base, all necessary software) -Definition of data models and query languages (how to store and handle images and image descriptors, how to access and select these data in a data base via a query language) -Knowledge discovery form images (finding undiscovered information in remote sensing images) -Storage and query processing for image metadata (metadata call for efficient handling in scalable environments) -Handling of image time series (query techniques we need for specifying time conditions) -Implementation of two use cases (one of the use cases is our Virtual TerraSAR-X Observatory; for further details, see below) -Public outreach (besides involving the user community, dissemination and exploitation of results) The particular tasks included in our use case of the Virtual TerraSAR-X Observatory are the compilation of our requirements, the development of description techniques involving existing XML metadata and new semantic descriptors, the stepwise implementation of the Virtual Observatory, followed by a demonstration and evaluation phase with selected scenarios. To this end, we need a variety of representative high resolution SAR images.

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