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Summary of Proposal MTH1091

TitleMulti-channel SAR Image Analysis
Investigator Eltoft, Torbjorn - University of Tromsų, Department of Physics and Technology
Team Member
Assoc. Professor Brekke, Camilla - University of Tromsų, Department of Physics and Technology
Postdoc Anfinsen, Stian - University of Tromsų, Department of Physics and Technology
Postdoc Doulgeris, Anthony - University of Tromsų, Department of Physics and Technology
Senior Researcher Johnsen, Harald - Northern Reseach Institute Tromsų (NORUT), Earth Observation
Researcher Gerland, Sebastian - Norwegian Polar Institute, Research Department
SummaryThe objectives of this project are to improve understanding of the physical scattering from Arctic surface targets as function of incidence angle,polarisation, and frequency. The information will subsequently devise development of new, robust signal processing algorithms, which can give potentially better satellite products. The data analysis methods include analysis of radiometric scattering properties, polarimetric feature extraction (e.g. decompositions), and statistical texture analysis using advanced non-Gaussian models. The research team will conduct field campaigns to provide in-situ measurements from the sea ice North of Svalbard and in the Fram Strait, and from glacier measurements from some glaciers on Svalbard. Co-located in time and space with the in-situ measurements, we will acquire multi-frequency (C- and X-band, ifpossible also L-band), multi-polarisation SAR images. High-resolution optical(multi-spectral) data will be used whenever available and appropriate. Another work package shall develop methodologies to enable detection and characterization of oil slicks in single and multi-polarization SAR images over coastal and ice infested waters. By combining multi-polarization and multi-frequency SAR data with multi-spectral radiometric data, and other auxiliary information, the aim is to improve satellite based monitoring of oil slicks in areas where look-alikes and low contrast pose extraordinary challenges. The methodology developments and validation will be supported with collocated in-situ data from oil discharge experiments in open sea conducted by partners from the oil industry. The projects have received funding from several sources, including The Research Council of Norway, the FramCentre, Troms County, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affaires, and the oil company Total E&P Norge AS. The data will found basis for several PhD dissertations. The results will be published at international conferences and in appropriate international scientific journals.

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