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Summary of Proposal MTH1071

TitleMakeshift radar reflectors for a search & rescue scenario
Investigator Mattar, Karim - DRDC Ottawa, Radar Applications and Space Technology (RAST)
Team Member
Dr Mattar, Karim - DRDC Ottawa, RAST section
Dr Vachon, Paris - DRDC Ottawa, RAST section
Dr Secker, Jeff - DRDC Ottawa, RAST section
SummaryThe project seeks to develop, test and demonstrate makeshift radarreflectors for potentially use in a search and rescue situation.The emphasis is on that would be easilydeploying using limited resources, and readily visible in radar imagery. A series of trials will be conducted in Ottawa spring and fall of2011 aimed at designing, building and testing makeshift radar reflectors for asearch & rescue scenario. Theemphasis is on makeshift passive radar reflectors that could be easilyconstructed and included in a small survival kit or assembled using readilyavailable resources at hand.The hope isthat this project will help provide more options for the use of TerraSAR-X andRADARSAT-2 data for land search & rescue scenarios, and in turn helpincrease the visibility and use of SAR for search & rescue. This trial is part of a fully funded four-year project focused onfeature extraction.The project startedApril 2010 and will continue March 2014 with a total funding of CAD 1.2m.
Final ReportTen TerraSAR-X images were acquired over the western part of Ottawa between May and June 2011. Three nearly coincident RADARSAT-2 spotlight images were acquired over the same area of interest. Our trial tool place during the second and third week of April 2011 at Connaught Range in Ottawa. The trial consisted of testing several types of makeshift corner reflectors that might be useful in a search & rescue scenario. The best results were obtained using a series of six origami corner reflectors make from cardboard and aluminum foil. When the six origami corner reflectors were placed in a star-pattern, they were clearly visible in both TerraSAR-X and RADARSAT-2 image. The results from this study are summarized in the attached presentation.

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