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Summary of Proposal GEO1069

TitleHigh resolution geodesy for active, deforming volcanoes
Investigator Biggs, Juliet - University of Bristol, Department of Earth Sciences
Team Member
Professor Wadge, Geoff - University of Reading, Environmental Systems Science Centre
SummarySome volcanic eruptions have enormous economic and humanitarian costs, but measurements that help anticipate them can reduce their impact. C- and L-band InSAR can measure the pressurisation of magma reservoirs, which typically deforms the ground surface over distances of tens of kilometres and lasts for several years. Yet, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are other signals on volcanoes that are smaller in scale and occur more rapidly for which C- and L-band InSAR is poorly suited - we plan to observe these signals using TerraSAR-X data. We have chosen to target a range of actively erupting volcanoes in Latin America, whose proximity to major population centres and infrastructure are a particular cause for concern. Radar measurements are especially important in this region since frequent cloud cover can make direct and airborne observations difficult. We will address scientific questions related to the growth of volcanic domes, major instabilities on the flank of the volcanoes and the patterns of surface deformation that accompany eruptive crises.

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