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Summary of Proposal OCE1045

TitleOffshore platform and shipping route oil pollution monitoring
Investigator Velotto, Domenico - German Aerospace Center, Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF)
Team Member
Mr. Brusch, Stephan - German Aerospace Center, Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF)
Dr. Baschek, Björn - Federal Institute of Hydrology, Geoinformation and Remote Sensing, GRDC
Dr. Lehner, Susanne - German Aerospace Center, IMF-GW
Prof. Migliaccio, Maurizio - University of Naples "Parthenope", Department of Information Technology
Prof. Soloviev, Alexander - Nova Southeastern University, Oceanographic Center
SummaryOil spill accident due ship/tanker and/or offshore platform, either in open ocean or in coastal waters, may have a severe impact on both the flora and fauna of the polluted area. The environmental damages on the natural resources and on the economy of the area in distress are almost always uncountable. Thus, there is a need to rapidly and effectively detect and monitor such source of pollution as well as predict oil spills drift. It is well known that satellite radar (SAR) data are reliable for support response operations in case of maritime accidents and detecting and deterring illegal discharges from sea-based source. The TerraSAR-X, e.g., the ScanSAR image with swath of 100 km and spatial resolution of 18 m can significantly improve the detection of small spills both from stationary and moving probable source. The possibility to acquire dual-pol (in StripMap (SM) and SpotLight (SL) mode) data in the combination HH/HV, HH/VV and VV/VH gives the opportunity to better discriminate between oil spills and oil look-alikes. TerraSAR-X in ScanSAR (SC), StripMap (SM) and SpotLight (SL) in a choice of single or dual polarization is going to be used for oil pollution monitoring.

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