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Summary of Proposal MTH1025

TitleSynthetic aperture radar tomography applied on TerraSAR-X data
Investigator Nannini, Matteo - DLR, SAR Technology
Team Member
Dr. Nannini, Matteo - DLR, HR
Dr. Prats, Pau - DLR, HR
Dr. Reigber, Andreas - DLR, HR
Mr. Aguilera, Esteban - DLR, HR
Mr. Antonello, Arthur - DLR, HR
SummaryThe goal of this work is to compare the 3D reconstructions carried out by means of the classical DOA methods (e.g. MUSIC) with the one obtained by means of compressive sensing (CS) techniques working on both stripmap and high resolution SAR images. In addition the CS techniques will be extended to include the polarimetric information. Once polarimetry can be applied to CS techniques, differential polarimetric tomography will also be implemented.

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