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Summary of Proposal MTH0948

TitleFusion of optical and radar data
Investigator Palubinskas, Gintautas - DLR-MF, PB
Team Member
Prof. Tupin, Florence - TELECOM ParisTech, TSI-TII
Mr. Makarau, Aliaksei - TELECOM ParisTech, TSI-TII
Mr. Tao, Junyi - TELECOM ParisTech, TSI-TII
SummaryObjective: Fusion of optical and radar data for the extraction of higher quality information.
  1. Acquisition of remote sensing data in special geometry
  2. Information fusion framework INFOFUSE for classification and change detection
  3. General fusion framework GFF for pansharpening and radar-sharpening
  4. Interpretation of SAR imagery using simulation of optical and radar images
  5. Learning semantic relationship between objects in optical and SAR imagery
Deliverables: Preliminary and Final Report

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