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Summary of Proposal COA0890

TitleSurvey of coastal environment using spaceborne SAR and airborne LiDAR techniques
Investigator Garestier, Franck - University of Caen, Lab M2C, UMR CNRS/INSU 6143
Team Member
Dr Bretel, Patrice - University of Caen, UMR CNRS/INSU 6143 "Morphodynamique continentale et cotiere"
Pr Levoy, Franck - University of Caen, UMR CNRS/INSU 6143 "Morphodynamique continentale et cotiere"
SummaryThis project is dedicated to the survey of the coastal environment using a combination of LiDAR and SAR techniques. These techniques present an important complementarity because airborne LiDAR offers a high spatial resolution and an important accuracy for height estimation, while spaceborne SAR provides a great sensitivity to surface changes/movements, with a scheduled coverage, over a lower spatial resolution. Both approaches will be conducted in Normandy, France, where a wide diversity of coastal environments are represented, from sandy beaches to rocky coasts, including unstable slopes. It is envisaged to monitor both topographic and surfaces changes to get informations on sedimentary fluxes and balances over the whole illuminated area, by extrapolating ground based measurements. The dynamics of topography will be assessed by LiDAR acquisitions at different dates and differential interferometry. The estimation of the surface parameters and their variations in time will be investigated using LiDAR intensity and SAR polarimetric information.

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