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Summary of Proposal GEO0879

TitleMeasurement of the rate of growth of Bagana Volcano
Investigator Wadge, Geoff - University of Reading, Environmental Systems Science Centre
Team Member
Professor Wadge, Geoffrey - University of Reading, Environmental Systems Science Centre
Dr. Saunders, Steve - Rabaul Volcano Observatory, N/A
Mr. Toombs, Andy - University of Reading, Environmental Systems Science Centre
Dr Itikarai, Ima - Rabaul Volcano Observatory, N/A
SummaryWe propose to acquire TerraSAR-X spotlight mode images of Bagana Volcano, Bougainville island, Papua New Guinea every 11-days over a one-year period. From these we will process interferograms (both east and west-looking) and thence construct digital elevation models of the volcano. Bagana is an essentially continually active volcano that extrudes thick lava flows, but is too difficult to study on the ground. We will use these models to calculate the volume of lava that has been added to the volcano since 2000 and also attempt to measure the incremental addition of new lava as active lava flows advance over the slopes of the volcano during the project. This work will yield valuable new information about a poorly observed but very interesting volcano,test the ability of this satellite to make these types of measurement (not achieved elsewhere),andbenefit the local volcano observatory.

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