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Summary of Proposal HYD0846

TitleErosion Areas in the Watershed of the Sylvenstein Lake
Investigator Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF
Team Member
Dr. Eineder, Michael - DLR, IMF-SV
SummaryAs the Sylvenstein Lake is a storage basin for flood protection, natural processes of bed load transport are interrupted. High input of bed load reduces the storage capacity of the lake and has influence on flood management. This diploma thesis will investigate the main areas of erosion in the catchment and to estimate an annual bed load volume in order to manage aggradation. In a multilateral approach, several methods of remote sensing are used. Besides optical methods such as aerial photographs and optical satellites, SAR-data of the TerraSAR-X mission are to be analyzed to what extent remote sensing can contribute to managing bed load input.

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